The New Best Hoodies for Men 2024

June 11, 2024 7 min read

The New Best Hoodies for Men 2024

At present, hoodies remain a fashion staple, continuing to dominate the casual wear scene with their unique blend of comfort and style. This year, they have evolved with sustainable materials and innovative designs that cater to a variety of tastes and lifestyles. Their enduring popularity is a testament to their adaptability, making them an indispensable part of the modern wardrobe for men who value both functionality and fashion-forward looks. With countless options in styles, colors, and materials, finding the best hoodies for men can be quite challenging. Here are some of our suggestions to help you find the hoodie that suits you best.

1. Best Hoodie Overall: Cotton Hoodies For Men

Perfect for any season, cotton hoodies are one of the best hoodies for men because of their soft, durable fabric that keeps you cozy without overheating. Whether for lounging at home or casual outings, cotton hoodies provide the ideal blend of practicality and fashion. 

2. Best sportswear hoodie: Lululemon

The Lululemon hoodie, crafted from soft cotton-blend fleece for a boxy fit, seamlessly transitions from workouts to everyday wear. Tried, tested, and incredibly comfortable, it's versatile enough for both gym sessions and desk work, making it a standout addition to every man’s wardrobe.

3. Best Classic Hoodie: Champion Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie

The Champion Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, offering unmatched comfort, durability, and timeless style. Its soft, heavyweight material provides exceptional warmth, while the classic fit and iconic "C" logo adds a touch of effortless cool to any outfit. Invest in quality and elevate your casual wear with this best hoodie for men.

4. Best Crewneck Embroidered Hoodie

Offering a classic and versatile style suitable for various occasions, crewneck embroidered hoodies appear to be the best hoodie for men that you should not miss. Additionally, the embroidered detailing adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to the hoodie, setting it apart from ordinary sweaters. 

5. Best Custom Hoodie For Dad: Personalized Hoodies for Dads, Godfather Hoodie or Sweatshirt with Name of Child, Dad EST 2024 Crewneck embroidered

With this personalized hoodie for men, each adorned with the child's name and "Dad EST 2024" elegantly embroidered, these crewneck garments blend style and sentimentality. Crafted with care, they make perfect gifts, celebrating the timeless bond between father and child with every wear.

6. Best Quality Hoodie For Men: Flint and Tinder 10-Year Full Zip Hoodie

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using premium materials, the Flint and Tinder 10-Year Full Zip Hoodie

 is designed to last a decade of wear and tear. Its full zip design offers versatility, allowing you to easily layer up or down depending on the weather.

7. Best Casual Hoodie For Men: Alo Yoga The Triumph Hoodie

Investing in Alo’s Triumph hoodie is a decision rooted in both style and functionality. Made from high-quality materials that provide warmth without compromising breathability, the Triumph Hoodie is one of the best hoodies for men for all seasons. Elevate your activewear wardrobe and experience the luxury of Alo Yoga with the Triumph Hoodie.

8. Best hoodie to collect in every colour: Represent

Represent's Owner's Club hoodie is a standout piece for the burgeoning Manchester streetwear label. Instantly coveted, it boasts an oversized, slouchy fit, snug ribbed hem and cuffs, and a distinctive Cobrax popper hood. Its irresistibly soft fabric makes it a go-to choice, effortlessly replacing formal wear even on work-from-home days.

9. Best Zip-Up Hoodie: Uniqlo Sweat Full-zip Hoodie

The Uniqlo Sweat Full-zip Hoodie is quite renowned, especially among those who value affordable yet high-quality basics. While it may not have the same level of fame as some high-fashion brands, it holds a strong reputation among those who appreciate reliable and affordable apparel options.

10. Best Budget Hoodie: Russell Athletic Dri-Power Pullover Fleece Hoodie

Russell Athletic's fleece OGs stand out as top-tier affordable sweats, a testament to the brand that pioneered the best hoodies for men. Made with Russell Athletic's Dri-Power moisture-wicking fabric, this hoodie helps keep you dry and comfortable during workouts or outdoor activities.

11. Best Warm Hoodie: J.Crew Cashmere Hoodie

The J.Crew Cashmere Hoodie is a versatile and luxurious piece that adds a touch of elegance to any wardrobe, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking both style and comfort. Crafted from ultra-soft Mongolian cashmere, it strikes the perfect balance between warmth and sophistication, akin to your best business casual sweaters, yet retains the laid-back charm of a hoodie.

12. Best Heavyweight Hoodie: Camber 232 Cross-Knit Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt

Camber has amassed a dedicated fanbase over the years, despite their lengthy wait times, adding a bit of mystique to snagging one of their hoodies. But trust us, the wait is worth it! Inspired by the iconic Champion Reverse Weave hoodie, Camber's creation has surpassed its muse in both quality and customer enthusiasm. Are there any heavier hoodies out there? Sure. But none of them could hold a candle to Camber's legendary threads!

13. Best environmentally-friendly hoodie: Pangaia

What sets Pangaia hoodies apart is their commitment to sustainability and innovation. Each hoodie is crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, such as recycled cotton and other sustainable fabrics. Not only does it catch the eye, but it also does good for the planet.

14. Best Pullover Hoodie For Men: Todd Snyder Midweight Popover Hoodie

Perfect for seaside strolls and breezy days outdoors, Todd Snyder's sweatshirt exudes vintage charm with an effortlessly worn-in aesthetic from the get-go. Classic kangaroo pockets and hood ties add timeless appeal to a style that never fades.

15. Best Soft Hoodie For Men: J.Crew Cashmere Hoodie

Picture yourself in J.Crew's one of the best hoodies for men, the epitome of luxury with its 100% cashmere construction, ensuring it's the softest thing you'll ever wear. Its fitted silhouette and versatile ribbed cuffs allow for easy styling, whether you're rolling up your sleeves for a casual vibe or keeping it sleek for more polished occasions.

16. Best Designer Hoodie: Fear of God Cotton-Blend Jersey Hoodie

The Fear of God Cotton-Blend Jersey Hoodie has become one of the best hoodies for menfor its quality, design, and association with a highly respected fashion label. Fear of God's founder, Jerry Lorenzo, has cultivated a strong following for his minimalist yet fashion-forward designs, making anything from the brand highly sought after.

17. Plus 9 More Hoodies To Consider Luxome Men's Essential Hoodie

Indulge in the Luxome Men's Essential Hoodie, where comfort meets style in every stitch. With moisture-wicking fabric and four-way stretch, it's not only cozy but also functional for active lifestyles. The durability and versatility of this hoodie make it the best hoodie for men that's worth every penny, promising long-lasting satisfaction and timeless style.

18. TexTale Fresh Rain-Repel Hoodie

For those in rainy climates or who like to use their hoodie as a jacket, this breathable, rain-repel hoodie has got you covered. This hoodie also includes convenient features like side pockets and hidden sleeves for storing essentials, while its forward shoulder seam provides a comfortable fit for individuals with broader shoulders.

19. Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Hoodie

Outdoor Voices hoodies are highly sought after and frequently sold out, making it wise to snag your preferred style while it is available. They are known for their comfort, durability, and versatility, making them one of the best hoodies for men seeking both fashion and function in their activewear.

20. Vuori Coronado Hoodie

Vuori's delightfully soft joggers have gained a loyal fanbase, and this mid-weight hoodie is no exception. The Vuori Coronado Hoodie is designed with low maintenance in mind, as it washes and dries well, ensuring easy care for busy lifestyles.

21. Todd Snyder X Champion

Introducing the latest collaboration between Todd Snyder and Champion: a fusion of heritage and modernity, style and comfort. These hoodies redefine casual wear with their timeless appeal and superior craftsmanship. Each piece embodies the essence of both brands, marrying Todd Snyder's keen eye for contemporary design with Champion's renowned athletic heritage. 

22. Carhartt

This hoodie might not be what you'd expect, but if you're all about rugged gear that's also comfy, this is your jam. Made with Carhartt's tough duck canvas on the outside, cozy insulation, and a soft flannel lining, it's like tough candy with a sweet surprise inside.

23. Lady White Co.

Lady White Co. epitomizes understated luxury and timeless style in the world of menswear. Founded in Los Angeles, the brand is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, premium materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. Designed to stand the test of time, Lady White Co. hoodies are the best hoodies for men seeking quality, comfort, and timeless style in their wardrobe.

24. L.L.Bean Men’s Bean’s Comfort Camp Hoodie

If you've had a thin hoodie lingering in your closet for years, it's time to level up. Enter L.L.Bean's lightweight sweatshirt: tailored with a slight fit at the waist and a relaxed design for the chest and sleeves. The hoodie's relaxed fit and classic design receive positive feedback, making it suitable for various outdoor activities and casual outings.

25. Norse Projects Arne Logo Hoodie

Inspired by retro-classic sweatshirt designs, the Arne Logo Hoodie from Copenhagen-based Norse Project exudes timeless style. Its diagonal loopback cotton offers unparalleled comfort and durability, ensuring long-lasting wear. Versatile enough for any occasion, from casual outings to relaxed weekends, the Norse Projects Arne Logo Hoodie is a wardrobe essential for the modern man.

26. Nike Dri-FIT Trail Running Hoodie

Nike's take on the trail-ready silhouette earned top accolades at last year's Fitness Awards, and rightfully so. In a market once overshadowed by uninspiring running gear, Nike ACG's innovative approach revitalized the genre. Additionally, its stylish design and range of color options make it a fashionable choice for any gym-goer.

So, there you have it—our roundup of the coolest, coziest, and best hoodies for men in 2024! Upgrade your wardrobe and stay ahead of the fashion game with these must-have hoodies. Go ahead, zip up, and embrace comfort and style like never before!

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