March 31, 2024 7 min read

On Mother’s Day, let’s give the best things to the special woman in your life - Mommy. Get inspiration from our list of the 20 best Mother’s Day gift under $100. It is a selection crafted with love and thoughtfulness to help you celebrate your Mom without breaking the bank. From personalized keepsakes to indulgent treats, each gift is carefully chosen to show Mom just how much she means to you, all while staying within your budget.

1. Custom Mama Sweatshirt Embroidered

The Mama Sweatshirt Embroidered is a perfect gift for any expectant or new mother. Made from a 50/50% cotton polyester blend, this sweatshirt offers comfort and breathability. Its loose-fit style and kangaroo pocket accommodate any body type and essential baby items. With machine washable convenience and a variety of sizes available, it's a practical yet thoughtful choice for any mom-to-be. Don't miss out on personalizing this sweatshirt with your mother's name for an extra special touch!

An embroidered Mama sweatshirt, a stylish and affordable gift choice
An embroidered Mama sweatshirt

Price: $47.99 USD

Link: Embroidered Sweatshirt

2. Girl Mama Embroidery Hoodie

Celebrate Mother's Day in style with our Girl Mama Embroidery Hoodie, the perfect gift for moms who take pride in their motherhood journey. This cozy and chic hoodie features intricate embroidery that beautifully showcases the bond between a mother and her daughter(s). Whether worn on a casual outing or a relaxing day at home, this hoodie is a heartfelt tribute to the special relationship between a mother and her girls. Treat the amazing mom in your life to a gift that honors her role with love and style this Mother's Day.

An embroidered girl mama hoodie, another great option under $100

An embroidered girl mama hoodie

Price: $62.39 

Link: Mama Embroidered Hoodie

3. Blackstone 14-pc Spice, Conditioner & Tray Liner Kit

Price: $29.00

If your mother enjoys cooking with a griddle or cast-iron skillet, these seasonings will elevate every dish to delicious heights. With options like lumberjack, chicken griddle, hatch chile, and white cheddar seasoning, along with 10 grease tray liners and a griddle conditioner to season your griddle before its inaugural use, it's a comprehensive package for enhancing your culinary creations.

Blackstone 14-pc spice, conditioner, and tray liner kit, a practical gift under $100
Blackstone 14-pc spice, conditioner, and tray liner kit

4. Breakfast Maker Station, Healthy

Price: $42.52

The Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker is a versatile appliance designed for worry-free cooking. It ensures safe and efficient meal preparation by featuring a specially formulated coating free of harmful substances like PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. With dual griddle compartments, a convenient toast drawer, and an adjustable timer, you can effortlessly whip up delicious breakfasts all in one place. Plus, the tempered glass lid and cool-touch handles provide added convenience and peace of mind while cooking.

A breakfast maker station, an innovative gift idea for under $100
A breakfast maker station

5. Everyday Essentials Go Yoga 7-Piece Set

Price: $28.88

The Everyday Essentials Go Yoga 7-Piece Set is an essential companion for your yoga practice. This versatile set includes everything you need for a complete yoga session, from a high-density foam yoga mat to resistance bands and a yoga strap. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, this comprehensive set ensures convenience and comfort for every session, allowing you to deepen your practice with ease. This will be a perfect Mother’s Day gift under $100. 

Yoga 7-piece set, a wellness-focused gift under $100
Yoga 7-piece set

6. Premium Floral Bouquet, Assorted Colors

Price: $21.14

Surprise Mom on Mother's Day with the exquisite Premium Floral Bouquet, featuring vibrant colors and lush blooms. Handcrafted with care and sophistication, this bouquet brightens her day and fills her heart with joy. Treat her to a truly memorable gift that celebrates her love and beauty with every petal.

A floral bouquet, a classic and affordable Mother’s Day gift option
A floral bouquet

7. Corkcicle Stemless Wine Cup

Price: $27.96

Celebrate Mother's Day in style with the Corkcicle Stemless Wine Cup, the perfect gift for the wine-loving mom in your life. Crafted with precision and elegance, this insulated cup keeps wine at the perfect temperature for hours, ensuring every sip is enjoyed to the fullest. Treat Mom to a chic and practical gift that adds a touch of sophistication to her wine-drinking experience.

A corkcicle stemless wine cup, a chic and practical gift under $100
A corkcicle stemless wine cup

8. Blueberry Hot Dish

Price: $60.00

Make Mother's Day extra special with the Blueberry Hot Ceramic Casserole Dish, a delightful addition to any kitchen. Crafted with care and featuring a charming blueberry design, this dish is perfect for baking and serving delicious homemade treats. Treat Mom to a gift that combines functionality with style, and watch her culinary creations shine with every use.

A Blue hot dish, a versatile and budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift idea
A Blue hot dish is a perfect gift on Mother’s Day

9. Stonewall Kitchen Herbes de Provence Soy Candle

Price: $13.95

Celebrate Mother's Day with the soothing ambiance of the Stonewall Kitchen Herbes de Provence Soy Candle. Infused with the delightful aroma of Herbes de Provence, this candle creates a serene atmosphere, perfect for relaxation. Give Mom the gift of tranquility and elegance with this luxurious soy candle, a thoughtful gesture she'll cherish.

A stonewall kitchen herbs candle, a soothing and affordable gift under $100
A stonewall kitchen herbs candle

10. TOCCA Garden Collection Mini Perfume Deluxe Set

Price: $52, a $69 value

Enhance her fragrance repertoire with this exquisite set, presented in a sophisticated, gift-ready box. Featuring six 5ml replicas of TOCCA's iconic Eau de Parfums, mirroring their full-sized counterparts, including beloved scents such as Florence, Stella, and Colette. Discover new favorites and indulge in the luxury of TOCCA's renowned fragrances with this beautifully curated collection. If you are looking for a Mother's Day gift under $100,this is a good choice. 

A mini perfume deluxe set, a luxurious and affordable Mother’s Day gift option
A mini perfume deluxe set

11. BeautyBio On the Glow Starter Set

Price: $99

This advent calendar-style set boasts 12 days' worth of delightful beauty and grooming treasures waiting to be unveiled. This gift is ideal for the beauty enthusiast seeking surprises. Inside, discover travel-sized favorites such as the Overnight Retinol Repair Serum, Daily Skin Clarifying Pads, and Volumizing Lip Serum, alongside a variety of charming hair accessories. Complete with a holographic toiletry bag, this gift offers a delightful journey of self-care and indulgence.

Beautybio set, a skincare gift under $100
Beautybio set

12. Copper Cow Classic Black Ground Coffee

Price: $17.00

Copper Cow is the ultimate choice for coffee aficionados seeking bold flavors. Crafted by the renowned Vietnamese coffee brand, this unique blend combines robusta and arabica beans, offering delightful notes of chocolate with a nutty undertone. Compatible with various coffee makers including drip, French press, cold brew, and pour-over, it ensures your mother can enjoy her favorite brew hassle-free.

A copper cow classic black ground coffee, a gourmet gift under $100
A copper cow classic black ground coffee

13. Daily Harvest Custom Box

Price: $50.00

Seeking a perfect gift for the busy mom? Consider gifting her a box of Daily Harvest smoothies. These delectable and nutritious smoothies are not only delicious but also incredibly convenient for moms on the go—they can be effortlessly prepared and taken along in the car. Simply instruct the fortunate recipient to add milk or water, blend, and enjoy the goodness on the move.

Give a daily harvest custom box on Mother’s Day, a healthy and affordable gift option
Give a daily harvest custom box on Mother’s Day

14. The Sauce Bundle

Price: $50.15

Omsom starters provide remarkable kitchen shortcuts for preparing Asian dishes in the comfort of your home. According to the company, each starter meticulously blends all the essential sauces, aromatics, seasonings, citruses, and oils required by decades of culinary tradition. The bundle comprises 12 starters, featuring Omsom's Southeast Asian and East Asian samplers, such as Thai Larb and Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ.

The sauce bundle, a flavorful and budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift idea
The sauce bundle

15. Escali Primo P115C Precision Kitchen Food Scale

Price: $24.95

The Escali Primo Digital Food Scale boasts multifunctionality and a user-friendly two-button operation. Its sealed control panel and rounded design not only facilitate effortless cleaning but also enhance durability. With simple two-button operation, this cooking scale ensures ease of use and swift efficiency. Additionally, its display and controls are safeguarded under a protective shield, providing added protection against accidental spills.

Escali Primo kitchen food scale, a practical and affordable kitchen tool under $100
Escali Primo kitchen food scale

16. Wickerland Picnic Backpack

Price: $49.89

Surprise Mom with a perfect Mother’s Day gift $100 - the Wickerland Picnic Backpack. This stylish and practical backpack is equipped with all the essentials for a memorable picnic, including plates, cutlery, glasses, and a cozy blanket. Treat Mom to a delightful day in nature with this thoughtful and convenient gift that she'll cherish on Mother's Day and beyond.

A wickerland backpack, a stylish and practical gift for under $100
A wickerland backpack

17. Lynn & Liana Large Ceramic Resin Tray

Price: $54

Elevate Mom's home decor with the exquisite Lynn & Liana Large Ceramic Resin Tray, a stunning addition to any space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tray combines ceramic and resin to create a unique and stylish design. Treat Mom to a versatile and elegant gift that adds a touch of sophistication to her living room or dining area this Mother's Day.

Lynn & Liana large ceramic resin tray, a chic and affordable home decor item under $100
Lynn & Liana large ceramic resin tray

18. Blendjet

Price: $49.95

Designed for busy moms, this portable and rechargeable blender enables them to effortlessly whip up single-serve shakes, smoothies, and cocktails while on the move. Ideal for the workday, game day, or cocktail hour, it comes with a convenient strap for easy transport. Available in over 30 vibrant colors and patterns, it's the perfect blend of style and functionality for moms with active lifestyles.

A blender gift on Mother’s Day, an essential kitchen tool for under $100
A blender gift on Mother’s Day

19. Tatcha Dewy Cleanse Hydrate Duo

Price: $27

Surprise Mom with the luxurious Tatcha Dewy Cleanse Hydrate Duo, a pampering skincare set that will leave her skin feeling refreshed and radiant. This duo includes the beloved Dewy Skin Cream and The Deep Cleanse, providing a complete skincare routine for a glowing complexion. Treat Mom to the gift of indulgence and help her achieve hydrated, luminous skin this Mother's Day.

Tatcha dewy cleanse hydrate duo, a luxurious skincare gift under $100
Tatcha dewy cleanse hydrate duo

20. Facial Beauty Roller Skin Care Tools

Price: $9.99

This pink face roller offers muscle tension relief, reduces facial puffiness and redness, and promotes a fresh, dewy, and lifted appearance to the skin. Crafted from rose quartz, the sturdy and smooth roller provides cooling effects and energizes the skin, while the accompanying Gua Sha tool helps lift and sculpt the skin, improving fine lines and shaping the jawline for a rejuvenated complexion.

Facial skincare tool, a beauty tool under $100
Facial skincare tool

21. Fitbit Luxe Fitness Wellness Tracker

Price: $89.95

From perfect Mother's Day gift ideas under $100,you can consider the Fitbit Luxe Fitness Wellness Tracker - a wonderful gift for her health and well-being. This sleek and stylish tracker offers comprehensive fitness and wellness features, including activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking, to help Mom stay on top of her health goals. Treat Mom to the gift of fitness and empowerment this Mother's Day with the Fitbit Luxe.

Fitbit fitness wellness tracker, a health-focused gift under $100
Fitbit fitness wellness tracker

22. Medcursor Shiatsu Foot Massager

Price: $59.99

This Mother's Day, give Mom the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with the Medcursor Shiatsu Foot Massager. With its soothing Shiatsu massage nodes and adjustable intensity levels, this foot massager provides a luxurious spa-like experience from the comfort of home. Treat Mom to the ultimate pampering session and help her unwind after a long day with the Medcursor Shiatsu Foot Massager.

Medcursore Shiatsu foot massager, a relaxing and affordable gift for under $100
Medcursore Shiatsu foot massager


Finding the perfect Mother's Day gift under $100 allows us to express our love and appreciation without breaking the bank. From thoughtful and practical presents to luxurious indulgences, there are countless options available to suit every mom's preferences and interests. Regardless of the gift chosen, it's the sentiment and thoughtfulness behind it that truly matters, making any gesture of love on Mother's Day priceless.