The 46 New Daddy Gifts Ideas in 2024

May 19, 2024 12 min read

The 46 New Daddy Gifts Ideas in 2024

Father's Day is coming and whether you are looking for something special to honor his new dad status, you ‘re in the right place. The list of 46 new daddy gifts ideas in 2024 below will help you to choose the best Father’s Day gift easier and more meaningful. Keep reading.

1.Father and Son Sweatshirt

Price: $47.99

Link: Father and Son Sweatshirt

Father and Son Sweatshirt-dad gifts
Embroidered Father and Son hoodie

Celebrate Father's Day with the Father and Son Sweatshirt, Hoodie – a personalized, heartwarming gift. These custom-made sweatshirts feature a portrait photo, capturing the special bond between father and child. Perfect for dads who cherish unique and meaningful gifts, this hoodie combines comfort with a personal touch. 

On, you can customize a one-of-a-kind sweatshirt or hoodie to give to the special man in your life. Pick your favorite icon and send Embroly your photo. The precise embroidery preserves the details of your chosen photo beautifully. 

2.First Fathers day gift Idea with Custom Embroidered T-Shirt

Price: $59.99

First Fathers day gift Idea
First Father’s Day sweatshirt

Celebrate a new dad's first Father's Day with a Custom Embroidered Comfort Colors® T-Shirt. This high-quality, soft cotton tee is personalized with an embroidered message or design, making it a unique and heartfelt gift. Thoughtfully crafted for both comfort and sentiment, it's the perfect way to commemorate his special milestone. On Embroly, there are many options for you to choose the best one for lovers. 

3.Personalize Grandpa Sweatshirt

Price: $47.99

Link: Personalized Grandpa sweatshirt

Personalize Grandpa Sweatshirt-gift for dad
Lovely Grandpa sweatshirt

Honor a beloved grandpa this Father's Day with a Personalized Grandpa Sweatshirt, featuring his grandkids' names embroidered on the sleeve. This cozy hoodie combines warmth and sentimental value, making it a cherished gift. The high-quality embroidery ensures a lasting tribute to his special bond with his grandchildren. Thoughtfully designed and deeply meaningful, it's the perfect way to celebrate his role as a loving grandfather. Visit Embroly and order it now!

4.Custom The DogFather Embroidered Beanie Golden Retriever

Price: $29.99

Link: Custom The Dog Father embroidered beanie

Custom The DogFather Embroidered Beanie Golden Retriever-best dad gifts
Embroidered the Dog father beanie

Celebrate Father's Day with the Custom "The DogFather" Embroidered Beanie, perfect for Golden Retriever lovers. This stylish and cozy beanie features high-quality embroidery, showcasing a playful nod to the beloved pet. It's an ideal gift for dads who adore their furry friends, combining warmth and personality. Thoughtfully designed, this beanie is a fun and unique way to honor a dad's special bond with his Golden Retriever. On, there are up to 15 colors to choose with tons of lovely icons. Visit the website and get your unique beanie. 

5.Personalized Gifts for Dad from Daughter or Son with Portrait Photo

Price: $64.19

Link: Personalized gifts for Dad from daughter or son 

Personalized Gifts for Dad from Daughter-good dad gifts
Best gift for Dad from daughter or son

Make Father's Day unforgettable with personalized gifts for Dad from his daughter or son, featuring a portrait photo. These unique presents capture cherished memories, turning them into heartfelt keepsakes. Ideal for a first Father's Day, these custom items celebrate the special bond between father and child. Thoughtfully designed and deeply meaningful, they offer a perfect way to honor and appreciate Dad on his special day. Visit to take a unique and sole gift for lovers. 

6.Kibou Vegan Premium Leather Fanny Pack Diaper Bag

Price: $98 at Nordstrom / $78 at Amazon

Kibou Vegan Premium Leather Fanny Pack Diaper Bag-useful gifts for dad
Kibou Vegan leather diaper bag

This Father's Day, surprise your lover with the Kibou Vegan Premium Leather Fanny Pack Diaper Bag. This chic, hands-free bag is made from high-quality vegan leather, combining fashion with functionality. Designed to hold all essential baby items, it offers convenience and sophistication for on-the-go dads. Thoughtfully crafted, it's the perfect blend of practicality and style for modern parenting.

7.Coterie The Diaper Newborn & Size 1 Combo Pack

Price: $90 

Coterie The Diaper Newborn & Size 1 Combo Pack-dad presents
Coterie diapers

Celebrate a new dad on Father's Day with the Coterie Diaper Newborn & Size 1 Combo Pack. These premium diapers offer superior comfort and protection for newborns, ensuring peace of mind for new parents. Made with high-quality, baby-safe materials, they are gentle on delicate skin while providing excellent absorbency. This thoughtful gift combines practicality and care, making it an essential addition to any new dad's parenting toolkit.

8.Huckberry Wills Wrinkle-Free Linen Short-Sleeved Shirt

Price: $98

Huckberry Wills Wrinkle-Free Linen Short-Sleeved Shirt-great gifts for dads
Huckberry short-sleeved shirt

Delight Dad this Father's Day with the Huckberry Wills Wrinkle-Free Linen Short-Sleeved Shirt. Combining style and comfort, this shirt is crafted from high-quality, wrinkle-free linen, perfect for effortless wear. Ideal for warm weather, it offers a sophisticated yet relaxed look for any occasion. This thoughtful gift ensures Dad stays cool and stylish, making it a must-have addition to his wardrobe.

9.New Parent Custom Line Portrait

Price: $19.00

New Parent Custom Line Portrait-gifts for dad
A lovely father and son line portrait

Celebrate Father's Day with a New Parent Custom Line Portrait. This personalized artwork captures the essence of new parenthood in elegant, minimalist lines. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the special bond between parent and child, perfect for commemorating this milestone. Thoughtfully crafted, this custom portrait is a timeless keepsake that will be cherished for years.

10.'Why a Son Needs a Dad' Book

Price: $6.00

Why a Son Needs a Dad' Book-gift ideas for dad
Why a son needs a dad book

Celebrate the new-dad journey and hornor the special bond between father and son with this lovely little book - Why a son needs a dad. Simple story plots with short texts are suitable for 3-7-year-old kids. It’s sure to become Daddy's favorite bedtime story.

11.BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss Convertible Quilted Baby Bouncer

Price: $210.00

BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss Convertible Quilted Baby Bouncer-best gifts for dad
The baby Bjorn bouncer bliss convertible quilted baby bouncer

When asking any new parent what their top five must-haves are, the ergonomic BabyBjörn Bliss Bouncer is almost always high on the list—especially if it's made of soft, quilted fabric. Giving this wonderful present to your perfect man that could be your father, grandpa, or husband. 

12.Baby Mushroom Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Frame Kit

Price: $20.00

Baby Mushroom Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Frame Kit-dad birthday gifts
Foot and hand print frame photo kit

Preserving the adorableness of a baby's little hands and feet in this photo]frame is the only thing that compares to it. Everything he needs to transform their footprints and handprints into a unique memento is included in this picture frame kit. And worry not—the clay is safe for young children and will not chip with time.

13.New Daddy Gift Box

Price: $73.00

New Daddy Gift Box-best gifts for dads
 A thoughtful daddy gift box

Consider this adorable gift package with of necessities for babies and men's hygiene goods for new parents or soon-to-be dads. The package includes a "Baby Owner's Manual," adorable socks to keep his feet toasty on those long, late nights, and a travel-sized #DADLIFE wine/coffee mug.

14.De’Longhi Dinamica With LatteCrema Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Price: $799.95

De’Longhi Dinamica With LatteCrema Fully Automatic Espresso Machine-dad gift ideas
The De’Longhi magnifica espresso machine

The De’Longhi Dinamica With LatteCrema Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is a perfect Father's Day gift for the new dad who loves his coffee. This state-of-the-art machine effortlessly brews a variety of espresso drinks, ensuring he can enjoy barista-quality coffee at home. It's a thoughtful and practical way to help him stay energized and savor some well-deserved moments of indulgence. 

15.Lake Pima Sleep Shorts Set

Price: $130.00

Lake Pima Sleep Shorts Set-unique gifts for dad
Lake pajamas 

The Men's Pima Pajama Shorts Set in True Navy comes with a solid navy blue short-sleeve Pima tee combined with shorts that have a micro stripe pattern in white and navy, an elastic waistband, a faux fly, a drawstring tie, and pockets. composed only of Pima cotton. It is one of the best new daddy gift ideas you should consider. 

16.Mori Footed Sweater Romper & Hat Set

Price: $85.00

Mori Footed Sweater Romper & Hat Set-presents for dad
A lovely Mori footed sweater romper & hat set

The Mori Footed Sweater Romper & Hat Set is a delightful and practical gift for your baby's first Father's Day. Crafted from the softest organic cotton, this adorable set ensures your little one stays cozy and stylish. It's a thoughtful way to celebrate your new journey into fatherhood with a touch of comfort and charm for your baby.

17.Yeti 8 Soft Cooler

Price: $200.00

Yeti 8 Soft Cooler-birthday gift for dad
Yeti cooler 

The Yeti 8 Soft Cooler is a perfect Father's Day gift for the adventurous new dad. This compact yet durable cooler keeps drinks and snacks perfectly chilled, making it ideal for family outings and outdoor escapades. With its rugged design and superior insulation, it’s a practical and thoughtful way to support his new journey into fatherhood.

18.Boll & Branch Signature Vintage-Washed King Sheet Set

Price: $299.00

Boll & Branch Signature Vintage-Washed King Sheet Set-good gifts for dads
Boll and Branch signature vintage washed king sheet set

Since new dads get limited sleep, enhance the quality of his rest with a luxurious new sheet set. This thoughtful gift ensures his precious moments of shut-eye are as comfortable and rejuvenating as possible. It's a perfect way to support his well-being during this demanding yet rewarding time.

19.Therabody TheraFace Mask

Price: $599.00

Therabody TheraFace Mask-cool gifts for dad

Therapy mask for a new dad

Skincare-savvy dads will appreciate a break from baby duties to indulge in some light therapy. This relaxing treatment offers a rejuvenating escape and helps maintain healthy skin. It's a perfect way to show you care for his well-being and self-care.

20.Nanit Pro Camera

Price: $249.00

Nanit Pro Camera-best gift for dad
An essential Nanit camera

Nanit Pro camera is one of the best baby monitors available! With the help of an app-controlled camera, they will be able to monitor their little one from any location, monitor their sleep analytics, play calming sounds and white noise, chat to them while they're away, and receive motion and sound alerts.

21.Zink Wireless Mobile Photo Printer

Price: $120.00

Zink Wireless Mobile Photo Printer-gifts for father
Kodak step printer 

The Zink Wireless Mobile Photo Printer is an ideal Father's Day gift for the tech-savvy new dad. This compact printer allows him to instantly print and share precious family moments right from his smartphone. It's a fun and practical way to preserve memories and celebrate his new role as a father.

22.Babyletto Nami Electronic Swivel Glider Recliner

Price: $1199.00

Babyletto Nami Electronic Swivel Glider Recliner-great gifts for dad
The perfect Nami Electronic Swivel Glider Recliner

The Babyletto Nami Electronic Swivel Glider Recliner is a fantastic Father's Day gift for the new dad. This sleek and comfortable recliner offers electronic controls for easy reclining and swiveling, making it perfect for soothing the baby or catching a quick rest. It's a thoughtful way to enhance his comfort and bonding time with his little one.

23.Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) With Clock

Price: $40.00

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) With Clock-gifts for your dad
Amazon echo 5th generation

With this multifunctional smart speaker and clock, you can help him wake up on time and make his day easier. He'll be able to play his favorite music, set multiple alarms, control his smart home, and much more with Amazon Alexa integrated right in, all with only his voice or an app. This is one of the best new daddy gifts ideas you should consider.

24.Baby Brezza Safe & Smart Electric Baby Bottle Warmer

Price: $89.96

Baby Brezza Safe & Smart Electric Baby Bottle Warmer-presents for dads
Baby Brezza electric baby bottle warmer

The Baby Brezza Safe & Smart Electric Baby Bottle Warmer is an excellent Father's Day gift for the new dad. This convenient device quickly and safely warms bottles to the perfect temperature, making nighttime feedings easier. It's a thoughtful way to support him in providing the best care for his baby while simplifying his routine.

25.Oura Ring Gen3 Heritage

Price: $8.00

Oura Ring Gen3 Heritage-cool dad gifts
Oura Ring gen 3 heritage

The Oura Ring Gen 3 Heritage is an exceptional Father's Day gift for the health-conscious new dad. This sleek and sophisticated ring tracks sleep, activity, and overall wellness, providing valuable insights to help him stay on top of his health. It's a thoughtful and innovative way to support his well-being during this exciting and demanding time.

26.The Citizenry Parota Wood Bath Caddy

Price: $259.00

The Citizenry Parota Wood Bath Caddy-good presents for dad
The citizenry parota wood bath caddy for new father

The Citizenry Parota Wood Bath Caddy is a luxurious Father's Day gift for the new dad. Handcrafted from beautiful Parota wood, this elegant bath caddy transforms bath time into a relaxing retreat, perfect for unwinding after a long day. It's a thoughtful way to help him find moments of tranquility and self-care amidst the demands of fatherhood.

27.LÍLLÉbaby Complete 6-in-1 All Seasons

Price: $120.00-$200.00

LÍLLÉbaby Complete 6-in-1 All Seasons-gifts to get your dad
The beautiful and convenient baby carrier

The Lillebaby baby carrier makes for a practical and thoughtful Father's Day gift for the new dad. With its ergonomic design and adjustable features, it ensures both comfort and safety for both dad and baby during outings. It's a wonderful way to encourage bonding and hands-on parenting, allowing him to cherish precious moments with his little one while on the move.

28.Apple AirTag

Price: $29.00

Apple AirTag-gift for father
Apple Airtag is one of the best new daddy gift ideas

He'll be more forgetful than ever due to dad-brain. Give him an AirTag to make it easier for him to remember where his wallet, headphones, phone, and keys are. For an even more considerate touch, you may also have it free of charge engraved.

29.Atlas Grey Organic Knit Wide-Leg Pant

Price: $42.00

Atlas Grey Organic Knit Wide-Leg Pant-cool gifts for dads
Atlas organic knit pant

The Atlas Grey Organic Knit Wide-Leg Pant is a stylish and comfortable Father's Day gift for the new dad. Crafted from organic knit fabric, these pants offer both softness and breathability, perfect for relaxing at home or running errands with the baby. 

30.7AM Enfant 212 Evolution Extendable Stroller & Car Seat Waterproof Footmuff

Price: $200.00

Car Seat Waterproof Footmuff-present for dad
7AM enfant 212 evolution extendable stroller and car seat 

Even in winter, taking your baby for a walk is a cherished moment. Help Dad make the most of it by keeping his little one warm with a cozy footmuff. It's a thoughtful way to ensure both Dad and baby can enjoy outdoor adventures together, no matter the weather.

31.Ethnik Living Hermosa Wall Mirror

Price: $280.00

Ethnik Living Hermosa Wall Mirror-father gifts
The Ethnik living hermosa wall mirror

This wavy mirror will captivate the interiors-loving dad, adding a sleek touch of whimsy to any space, whether it's in his baby's nursery or elsewhere in the home. Its unique design promises to infuse charm and style into the decor, making it a delightful addition to his aesthetic. It's a thoughtful gift that combines functionality with a touch of artistic flair, perfect for the design-conscious dad.

32.Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs

Price: $35.00

Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs-father's day gift guide
Vibes ear plugs

These subtle earplugs are essentially imperceptible. They are ideal for calming a crying child (hello, overstimulation) or for evenings when Dad doesn't have to get up early for the night shift because they filter out background noise while enabling conversation to continue.

33.Tactical Baby Gear Carrier for Infants and Toddlers

Price: $155.00

Tactical Baby Gear Carrier for Infants and Toddlers-dad gifts christmas
Tactical baby gear carrier

Transporting valuable goods? Now is the time to prepare! This carrier will be helpful for a very long time because it can accommodate babies and toddlers weighing eight to thirty-three pounds comfortably.

34.Burton+BURTON Best Dad Ever Mug

Price: $14.00

Burton+BURTON Best Dad Ever Mug-what do dads like
The best Dad ever mug

Instead of getting them a corny “I ❤️ Dad” mug, instead for something that tells them they're the best but has a more artisanal, handmade feel! Papa! In all time!

35.Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

Price: $79.00

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe-gift for dads
Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

Elevate his new dad experience with this luxurious plush robe, ideal for cold early mornings and late-night bottle duties. Crafted for comfort and style, it's the perfect garment for him to cozy up in while tending to his newborn. This thoughtful gift ensures he can embrace fatherhood in ultimate comfort and warmth.

36.Pure Enrichment TRYM™ Lithium Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

Price: $30.00

Pure Enrichment TRYM™ Lithium Rechargeable Beard Trimmer-gifts for a dad
Pure enrichment TRYM beard trimmer

There isn't time for an elaborate shave between sleep training and pediatric appointments. Not only does this electric beard trimmer complete the task ten times faster, but it does it just as well.

37.Hatch Baby Rest+ Baby & Kids Sound Machine

Price: $90.00

Hatch baby rest, baby & kids sound machine-great daddy gifts
Hatch baby rest, baby & kids sound machine

They undoubtedly value sleep more than they did a few years ago. With the help of this sound machine, which doubles as a nightlight and a time-to-rise sleep trainer, they may assist the baby in falling asleep and staying asleep.

38.Moments with Dad Scratch Off Journal

Price: $30.00

Moments with Dad Scratch Off Journal-gift idea for dad
100 things to do with Dad

Let this book serve as a reminder of all the wonderful things that are still to come, even though taking care of a baby may not seem like something that belongs on a bucket list. Featuring 100 bucket list-style challenges, such as "Visit a Planetarium" and "Go to an Arcade," this interactive scrapbook is full of activities. After completing an activity, you can scratch off a foil panel to reveal an illustration.

39.New Balance 530 Sneakers

Price: $100.00

New Balance 530 Sneakers-great dads gifts
New balance 530 sneakers is a great gift on Father’s Day

Give this new father a pair of dad sneakers of his own, like this timeless chunky New Balance design! The infant only stops wailing when pushed in the stroller, therefore they go well with most clothes and are ideal for when he logs 12,000 steps.

40.Jimmy Fallon 'Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA'

Price: $5.00

Jimmy Fallon 'Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA'-gift guide for dad
Jimmy fallon book

Jimmy Fallon's hilarious book humorously dissects the secret competition among parents to hear their baby's first word. With wit and charm, Fallon navigates the universal experience of eagerly awaiting this milestone moment. It's an entertaining read that captures the joy and playfulness of early parenthood.

41.The Dad Hoodie The Dad Hoodie

Price: $98.00

The Dad Hoodie The Dad Hoodie-best gift for father's day
The Dad hoodie

This unexpectedly comfy hoodie is an alternative to hauling around a diaper bag (or backpack). Everything you need is included in its built-in compartments, including bottles, baby wipes, diapers, and more!

42.Nuna Sena Aire Playard & Travel Crib

Price: $350.00 - $400.00

Nuna Sena Aire Playard & Travel Crib-gift ideas for father
The nuna traveling playyard

A pack-and-play is essential for every traveling new dad to ensure the safety of his little one. This one is not just stylish, it has a mattress that can be adjusted to a lower position as the baby starts to pull up and become more mobile, or it can be placed in a higher position that is easier to reach when the baby is small.

43.Mark and Graham Nomad Case for AirPods

Price: $30.00

Mark and Graham Nomad Case for AirPods-dads gifts
Mark and Graham nomad case

He'll want to maintain track of his AirPods for short calls to the pediatrician or a little meditation to calm his nerves, so this customized case is a stylish and kind gift.

44.Ember Mug 2

Price: $150.00

Ember Mug 2-best gifts for fathers day
The ember mug 

It can be difficult to find time to sip his coffee before it turns cold. However, until he consumes it, this self-heating mug will maintain the ideal temperature for any cup.

45.David Park ABCs for the little g's The Remix

Price: $20.00

David Park ABCs for the little g's The Remix-fun gifts for dad
The ABC’s for the little g

A new parent may share his passion for sneakers at any age. Give him this adorable book to help teach his little sneakerhead-in-training the ABCs. It covers all of his favorite sneaker designs and brands.

46.Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Price: $43.00

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker-father gift ideas
The Hamilton beach dual breakfast sandwich maker

With this ingenious device, they can enjoy a few more minutes of precious sleep as breakfast will be ready in no time. This clever gadget streamlines the breakfast-making process, making mornings smoother and more efficient. It's a game-changer for anyone seeking a hassle-free start to the day.

Wrap up

Have you picked the most suitable one? Hope you get some inspiration from our list of the best new daddy gifts ideas above. Remember that the best gift should help him reduce stress when being a new dad. 

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