How Much Does Embroidery Cost?

May 25, 2023 4 min read

How Much Does Embroidery Cost?

Embroidery is a popular form of decorative art that has been around for centuries. This traditional craft involves decorating fabrics with intricate designs using needle and thread. Embroidery can be used to add a personal touch to clothing, bags, hats, and other accessories. However, the question of how much embroidery costs is one that many people are curious about.

The cost of embroidery can vary depending on several factors such as the type of fabric used, the complexity of the design, and the number of stitches required. Whether you're looking to have custom embroidery done for your business or just want to embroider a few items for personal use, understanding how much it will cost is crucial in making informed decisions about your project.

In this article, we'll examine the various factors that affect embroidery cost and provide an overview of typical pricing structures in the industry.

Factors that Affect Embroidery Cost

The pricing of embroideryis influenced by a multitude of factors, including the intricacy of the design, the number of colors involved, the size of the design, the quantity of items to be embroidered, and the location where the embroidery is to be placed.

The more intricate and complex a design is, with numerous colors and smaller details incorporated into it will generally increase its cost. Similarly, larger designs also tend to incur higher costs than smaller ones because they require more stitches and thread.

The quantity of items being embroidered also plays a significant role in determining their overall cost as bulk orders usually receive discounts. Moreover, embroidery placement on an item affects its price as some areas are harder to embroider than others and require more attention or special equipment.

Ultimately, these variables determine embroidery pricing or how much does embroidery cost per stitches for each project.

Embroidery Cost Per Item

The cost of embroidery per item varies depending on the intricacy and size of the design, with more detailed designs typically being more expensive to embroider. The embroidery prices also depend on the type of garment or item being embroidered and the number of items being embroidered at once.

For example, custom embroidery pricing may be higher for a shirt compared to a hat due to differences in fabric and embroidery placement. Additionally, bulk orders may receive discounts compared to single-item orders.

Embroly Tshirt Price

Embroly Sweatshirt Price

Embroly Hoodie Price 

Embroly Hat Price

Overall, it is difficult to give a definitive answer to how much is embroidery or how much does it cost to embroider a shirt without knowing specific details about the design and order quantity. It is recommended that customers request quotes from embroidery services before placing an order to ensure they are aware of all costs involved.

Embroidery Cost Per Stitch

Calculating the cost of embroidery per stitch can provide customers with a more precise understanding of the expenses involved in their order, allowing them to make informed decisions about their purchases. The cost of embroidery is typically calculated based on the number of stitches required to complete a design or lettering. Custom embroidery costs may vary depending on various factors such as thread type, fabric material, and design complexity. Generally, the higher the stitch count, the more expensive it will be.

Embroidery costs per letter or design can range from a few cents to several dollars per thousand stitches. To calculate how much does embroidery cost per stitch for your project, you need to know your total stitch count and multiply it by the price per thousand stitches provided by your embroiderer. It's essential to find an accurate embroidery price guide from reputable sources to ensure that you're not overpaying for your orders.

Custom Embroidery Cost

Determining the expenses involved in custom embroidery can be a crucial aspect of making informed purchasing decisions, as factors such as thread type, fabric material, and design complexity can significantly impact pricing.

To get an idea of custom embroidery costs, individuals should consider checking out embroidery prices near me or consulting a pricing guide for embroidery. Generally speaking, custom embroidery prices are determined by the number of stitches needed to complete the design and can range from $1-$2 per stitch.

However, additional charges may apply for special materials or designs that require more intricate work. It's also worth noting that some companies may offer an embroidery price list on their website or provide quotes upon request to give customers a better understanding of their costs before placing an order.


Embroidery cost varies depending on several factors such as the design complexity, thread count, and embroidery location. Moreover, the type of item being embroidered also affects the overall embroidery cost.

For instance, a small logo embroidered on a hat will be less expensive compared to embroidering a large design on a jacket. The average cost per stitch ranges from $0.50-$1 depending on the quantity of stitches required for the design. On average, most embroidery companies charge between $5 to $10 for each item they embroider.

Custom embroidery involves creating designs from scratch and is often more expensive than standard embroidery services. Interestingly enough, according to a recent study conducted by Statista in 2020, global apparel market sales are projected to reach approximately $1.5 trillion by 2022.

This statistic highlights the significant growth potential for businesses in the apparel industry that offer quality embroidery services at competitive prices. Therefore, it is essential for these businesses to understand their clients' needs and offer affordable but high-quality embroidery services if they want to remain relevant in this growing industry.

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