May 16, 2024 2 min read

This Father's Day, we mark this special occasion on Sunday, June 16th, as a day dedicated to honoring and appreciating our fathers and father figures.

Do you have any plans for your dad? Get a gift for your dad with very simple actions. Check it out 👇🏻

Introduce about this giveaway

Father’s Day Giveaway 2024

With the mission of increasing the experience of quality products for fathers on their own day, spreading Embroly's appreciation and gratitude to half the world. Besides, this program also helps you bond more with your father through the moment of giving the sweatshirt to your dad.

How to join?

To participate this giveaway, you just need to do extremely simple actions:

✅ Like and follow Embroly social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok).

✅ Like the Giveaway post on our social channels.

✅ Comment the sentence that you want to say the most to your dad.

✅ Tag 1 friend or as many as you want. 

Father’s Day Giveaway 2024


Let’s join us enthusiastically to bring home attractive prizes.

Join us to win on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok!

What will you get?

As the purpose of the program is to increase product experience as well as gift giving opportunities for dad, Embroly will choose 3 lucky people to give 3 gifts:

Father’s Day Giveaway 2024

✅ First gift: 1 custom embroidered hoodie + 5 voucher codes.

Second gift: 1 custom embroidered sweatshirt + 3 voucher codes.

Third gift: 1 custom embroidered hat + 2 voucher codes.

Join us to win on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok!

Father’s Day Giveaway 2024


  1. When and where does the program take place? 
    => The program takes place from May 10 to June 5 for everyone on Embroly social channels.
  2. Can I choose the gift that I like?
    => The prize structure has 3 gifts and each gift has a listed value. However, if you want to exchange a gift, we will support exchanging a gift of equivalent value.
  3. Can I comment more than once?
    => An Instagram account can only comment once. If you do not comply with the program's rules, your account will not be accepted if you win.
  4. If I am the winner, how and when will I receive the shirt?
    => The results will be announced at 9:00 AM on June 5 on our Instagram. Please proactively inbox us your delivery information and the picture you want to embroider on the shirt, we will make it and deliver it to you before Father's Day.

Join us to win on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok!

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